He ______ to work in New York, but now he is in London.

A. used

B. uses

C. was used

D. was using


He had no plans to retire _______he is now very comfortably off.

(A) until

(B) when

(C) because

(D) even though

解答参考:D 本题考查even though―尽管,即使‖的用法。其他连词的意思与本句不符。 【译文】尽管他现在已经很富裕了,但他并没有退休的打算。  

When he arrived in New York, it was snowing.


Betty is from Italy. Now she lives in Edinburgh . But her parents still live in Italy. She is 25 years old. She is a teacher. She works in a high school in Edinburgh. She teaches science (科学) and she likes her work. Most of her students are 15 or 16 years old. They all like her. They think she is a great teacher and a beautiful girl with long golden hair. Betty has a boyfriend. His name is Ray. He is British. He is 30 years old. He likes books and music. He can play the piano very well. He is in IT. He works very hard. But he does not like his job. He likes traveling like Betty, and of course he likes staying with Betty.

(1). Betty is British now.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(2). Betty has long beautiful hair.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(3). Ray likes his job.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(4). Both Betty and Ray like traveling.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(5). Betty can play the piano well.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.


When was duet most probably found to be the very hero? ( )

A. the day when he was leaving for home.

B. a couple of days after the girl was rescued

C. the first day when he was in New York

D. the same day when he was interviewed.


人教英语选修 9 Unit1 1.P3Ex.1 横排: 3、 6、 7、8、9 2.P3Ex.23 那些不从历史汲取教训的人注定要重蹈覆辙。4 带着希望旅行(的过程)远胜于到达目的地(那一刻)。5 没有计划就是计划失败。6 会问问题的人当五分钟的傻子;从不提问的人则当一辈子的傻子。 7 智者知而不言,愚者言其不知。8 覆水难收。6.P6Ex.1 362514 7.1. The text doesnt say where he lives now but it is possible P6Ex.2he lives in New York because we know that he lived there when he was a teenager and that he took part in a bicycle marathon there in 1978. 1The most bodies painted at the same time. 2They were looking at the records set by groups of people in a book of Guinness World Records. 2. He was 16 in the early 1970s so he would be in his late 3They cant paint just one symbol on each body. Everyone 40s now. has to be painted from head to toe with a design approved 3. Yes.4. When he was a child. 5. A. He has to make fine neck adjustments, and has to rest by the Guinness organization. 4It needed another two months. and eat with the bottle of milk on his head. 5 B. He needs a great sense of balance, and has to stay on top Parents and local businesses are going to support them. even though his legs may start shaking. 6. 1) It would be great fun. C. He has to overcome dizziness, extreme tiredness and pain. During the process, he is permitted to rest for only 2) It would create a bit of school spirit. 3) It would bring people in the local community together. five minutes in every hour and stop briefly to vomit. 4) When they are old, theyll be able to tell their D. Lunges are very hard on his legs. grandchildren what they did. 6. There is no limit to peoples physical abilities.7. He had 8. P6Ex.3 横排编号: 9-1-7 done no training. 9. P9Ex.18. He believed that because he had done no training, it 1 Lance Armstrong must have been his spirit that made him come third, and so 1999,2003 after the bicycle marathon he believed that he could France accomplish anything by using his spirit, and his body was fastest average speed, Tour de France ( five times ) just an instrument of the spirit. He believed there is no 2 Michellie Jones physical limitation. 1992, 1993 9. When he feels like giving up, he goes deep within ( not stated ) himself and connects with his soul and his teacher to keep International Triathlon Union World Champion on. 3. 3 Fu Mingxia P4Ex.1 1991, 1992, 1996, 2000 竖列:approximate approximation Australia, Barcelona ( Spain), Atlanta (America), adjust adjustment adjustable Sydney (Australia) accomplishment accomplished youngest female to win the wimens world title for devote devoted/ing platform diving; youngest Olympic diving champion of all motivate motived/ing time; first woman in Olympic diving history to win four 1devoted 2approximate 3accomplishment gold medals 4motivate 5adjusted 4. 4 Martin Strel P5Ex.2 2000, 2001, 2、002, 2003, 2004 1usual conventional 2severe tough 3sacred spiritual the Danube River in Europe; the Mississippi River in 4spirit soul 5hard tough 6begged urged7truthreality USA; the 5. Parana River in South America; the Changjiang River in P6Ex.2 China 1 6 25 31 4 9 58 6(A) 2( B) -10 First person to、 swim the entire length of the Danube 7(A) 3(B) 7 84 River; longest time for nonstop swimming; swimming the 1. 担忧从来不会给人带来任何好处。2 两人智慧胜一人。greatest distance; first man to swim the length of the Parana River; swimming the length of the dangerous love the most. Changjiang River 10. 2. P9Ex.2 Participatin


Jay Chou was born on January 18, 1979, in Taiwan, China. He grew up with his mother, and was a quiet and shy kid. He didn’t do well in study, so people thought he would never be successful in life.

As a small child, Jay took a great interest in music.His mother sent lum to learn the piano when he was only three years-old He loved it and kept on practicing. When he was in high school, he could play the piano quite well. At the same time, he showed his talent for writing songs.

Before Jay became a singer, he worked as a songwriter. For two years, he spent most of his time writing for singers. Some of them were very famous, like Coco Lee and Jacky Cheung. Jay released(友行) his first album(专辑) in 2000 and soon he got quite popular.

Now Jay is one of the most famous singers in Asia. However, he is still shy and doesn't smile often He isn’t good-looking and doesn’t speak clearly when he sings or talks, but he has a lot of fans. Most of his fans like him because he is really good at music and never follows others.

( )21. When Jay Chou was a small kid,_________-

④he was quiet and shy②he lived with his parents③he didn't study well④he loved music



Jack is a famous writer now.But he said he was not a good student when he was young.He was often late for class and didn’t like doing his homework. Sometimes he slept in class while the teacher was teaching.He didn't understand much, but he always thought he under-stood everything..

One day the teacher asked the students a question, "When John was ten years old, his brother was twenty. John is fifteen now and how old is his brother?" Jack answered, "That's easy. His brother is twice as old as John, so he is now thirty. "

Another time, the teacher in a science class asked, "When it thunders(打雷) , why do we always see the light before we hear the sound? "But, Miss White," said Jack quickly, "can't you .see our eyes are in front of our ears?"

The third time, the teacher in a biology class asked, "Why can fish swim in the water?" "But, Miss White," said Jack quickly, "don't you know fish can-t walk on land?"

( )26.Jack was not ________. when he was young.






day when he let a bicycle ran right into him. He never watches


The Whites live in a small village. They have (11) small farm and they work there every day.They have a son, John. He is (12) .He lives with them,(13) he doesn’t like to work in the village. He (14) to work in a city. He can (15) the gui-tar, and he can play it (16) .Then he gets a job ( 17) a city.He (18)an art club.John likes his new work (19) .He is very(20) .

( )11.






Passage Four

Many people want to know how to analyze problems they meet. There are six stages in analyzing a problem.

First the person must recognize that there is a problem. For example, Sam's bicycle is broken, and he cannot ride it to class as he usually does. Sam must see that there is a problem with his bicycle.

Next the thinker must define the problem. Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must find the reason why it does not work. For instance, he must determine if the problem is with the gears, the brakes, or the frame. He must make his problem more specific.

Now the person must look for information that will make the problem clearer and lead to possible solutions. For instance, suppose Sam decided that his bike does not work because there is something wrong with the gear wheels. At this time, he can look in his bicycle repair book and read about gears. He can talk to his friends at the bike shop.

After studying the problem, the person should have several suggestions for a possible solution. Take Sam as an illustration. His suggestions might be: put oil on the gear wheels; buy new gear wheels and replace the old ones; tighten or loosen the gear wheels.

Eventually one suggestion seems to be the solution to the problem. Sometimes the final idea comes very suddenly because the thinker suddenly sees something new or sees something in a new way. Sam, for example, suddenly sees that there is a piece of chewing gum between the gear wheels. He immediately realizes the solution to his problem: he must clean the gear wheels.

Finally the solution is tested. Sam cleans the gear wheels and finds that afterwards his bicycle works

perfectly. In short, he has solved the problem.

48. In analyzing a problem we should do all the following except ______.

A. recognize and define the problem

B. look for information to make the problem clearer

C. have suggestions for a possible solution

D. find a solution by trial or mistake

48.选项 A在第二段;选项 B在第四段;选项C在倒数第二段。选项D 是正确的。

更多 “2022年人教英语选修课本答案” 相关考题
考题 We may infer from the text that the criminal knows how to reach the car owners because 。A. he reads the ads in the newspaperB. he lives in the same neighborhoodC. he has seen the car owners in the parkD. he has trained the pigeons to follow them正确答案:A文章第三段提到Instead of stealing cars, he lets someone else do it and then waits for the car-owner to place an ad (启事) in the newspaper asking for help. 故正确答案应该选择A。

考题 The first man who cooked his food,instead of eating if raw,lived so long ago that we have no idea who he was or where he liveD.We do know,however,that for thousands of years,food was always eaten cold and( ).A.raw B.crude C.dry D.fresh答案:A解析:raw“生的”。[C]dry“干燥的”;B.crude“天然的,生的”,指未经提炼的,如:crude oil原油;D.fresh“新的,新鲜的”。

考题 "He looks normal." That′ s what everybody says when I tell them my son was just diagnosed as autism (孤独症). They all say it without exception. It′s true. Alejandro does look like every other 31 boy. He plays, he smiles, and he runs around with the two-year-old boy′ s boundless energy until he is too tired. He laughs when you move your fingers 32 on a sensitive part of his body. And he often plays with his toys like every other young child at his age. But most of the time, Alejandro 33 in his own little world playing with his toys all by himself even in a group of kids and ignoring you when you talk to him loudly. At that time he′s alone, no matter how hard you try to 34 him. My wife and I get 35 .We ask for "nose kisses" or hugs and many times he doesn′t notice us. It′s extremely anxious when your child′s face is right in front of you and he won′t admit your presence. He regularly doesn′t eat. The food often bothers him when he puts it in his mouth. He is very small 36 his age. We are told that it′s another effect of the autism. Because autism isn′t like some other 37 , there is no set treatment. Each child needs to be treated 38 ; what works for one probably doesn′t work for another. Try a treatment. If it doesn′t work, you have to try another39 you hopefully find something that does work. The future is cloudy, but we will try everything we can do to reach him, because we love him and we know he′s a special little boy. And we believe with the help of love, we can 40 any difficulty. 第(32)题选A.lightly B.secretly C.heavily D.greatly 答案:A解析:考查副词辨析。lightly“轻轻地”,secretly“秘密地”,heavily“沉重地”,greatly“非常,大大地”。根据常识,应该是用手轻触孩子身上的敏感部位。故选A。

考题 根据题目要求完成下列任务,用中文作答。 以下是某教师的课堂教学片段: (教师拿出若干不同颜色的礼物盒摆在桌上,然后将一个玩具汽车快速藏人其中一个盒 子里,请学生猜玩具在哪个盒子里) T:Where is the car? S:Is it in the red box? T:Maybe. T:Now let’S see where the cat is…Look!It’s in the yellow box.(教师用PPT呈现课文人物John的照片) T:Look at this photo.He’s John.He’s an American boy.He lives in our city.He studies in our school.But today he’s not in the classroom.Where is John?Guess,please! S:Is he at home? T:Maybe. S:Is he in the supermarket? T:Perhaps. S:Is he in the park? T:We don’t know.Now,let’s listen to the conversation and find out the answer. (教师用PPT呈现问题Where is John?并播放课文录音) T:Where is John? S:He’s at home. T:It’s school time.Whv is he at home? S:He is ill. T:John is ill.I’ll go and see him.Would you like to come with me? S:Yes. T:Let’s go. (教师用PPT呈现John躺在卧室床上的画面) T:Yes!He is in the bedroom.What’S the matter with him? S:He is ill. (教师组织学生做游戏操练对话的重点和难点Where is…?及其回答) 在以上材料中,教师在复习导人环节、课文教学环节、语言操练环节分别创设了不同情境,阅读后请分别对其所使用的创设方法及其在教学中的作用进行分析。答案:解析:(1)复习导入环节:运用实物创设情境。教师拿出若干不同颜色的礼物盒及玩具汽车等.为学生们创设了一个具体直观的具有信息差的猜测情境,复习旧知,激发兴趣。 实物情境因其本身的直观具体性,使学生看得见,摸得到,利于感受,利于理解。教师在教学过程中,向学生出示某些与教学内容相关的实物,创设实体情境,可以有效地吸引学生的注意力.激发学生的学习兴趣,提高学生的学习效率。 (2)课文教学环节:运用多媒体创设情境。教师用PVT呈现课文人物John的照片及John躺在卧室床上的画面,呈现问题Where is John?并播放课文录音等,为学生创设视听情境。 通过多媒体为学生创设丰富多彩、形象生动、妙趣横生的教学情境,可以充分调动学生的试听感官系统,激发学生学习兴趣,提高学生的认知能力。同时,还可以提高课堂的信息容量;缩短教学时问,提高教学效率;实现学生学习方式的多元化,利于优化课堂教学效果。 (3)语言操练环节:运用活动创设情境。教师组织学生做游戏操练对话的重点和难点Where is…?及其回答,体现了这一创设情境的方式。 教师结合学生情况及教学内容设计多样化的教学活动,可以有效地激发学生学习的积极性,活跃课堂气氛。

考题 单选题He()in London. He()in New York.A doesn’t live;liveB don’t live ;livesC doesn’t live; lives正确答案:A解析:暂无解析

考题 The author can't remember his relatives clearly because__________.A.he didn't live very long with them B.he was fully occupied with observing nature C.the family was extremely large D.he was too young when he lived with them答案:B解析:由第二段“Nor do…have a crystal-clear memory of dogs,the farm animals,the local birdsand above all,the insects."可知,作者将全部注意力都放在观察自然上了,故选B项。

考题 单选题—We will have a new foreign teacher this term. Do you know ______ when he was in his hometown?—A policeman.A what he didB what was heC what his job is正确答案:C解析:句意:-这学期,我们将有一位新的外籍老师。你知道他以前在家乡是做什么工作的吗?-——是一名警察。本题考查宾语从句。宾语从句用陈述语序,排除B项。根据答语可知,此处是询问职业。根据题干可知,应该用一般过去时。故选A项。

考题 He()in London. He()in New York.Adoesn’t live;liveBdon’t live ;livesCdoesn’t live; livesC略

考题 When ( ) where he was born, John said that he was a New Yorker.A. askingB. being askedC. was askedD. asked正确答案:D    

考题 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。James’s New BicycleJames shook his money box again. Nothing! He carefully __36__ the coins that lay on the bed. $24.52 was all that he had. The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! __37__ on earth was he going to get the __38__ of the money?He knew that his friends all had bicycles. It was __39__ to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels. He thought about what he could do. There was no __40__ asking his parents, for he knew they had no money to __41__.There was only one way to get money, and that was to __42__ it. He would have to find a job. __43__ who would hire him and what could he do? He decided to ask Mr. Clay for advice, who usually had __44__ on most things.“Well, you can start right here,” said Mr. Clay. “My windows need cleaning and my car needs washing.”That was the __45__ of James’s odd-job(零工) business. For three months he worked every day after finishing his homework. He was amazed by the __46__ of jobs that people found for him to do. He took dogs and babies for walks, cleared out cupboards, and mended books. He lost count of the __47__ of cars he washed and windows he cleaned, but the __48__ increased and he knew that he would soon have __49__ for the bicycle he longed for.The day __50__ came when James counted his money and found $94.32. He __51__ no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted. He rode __52__ home, looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends. It had been hard __53__ for the money, but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more __54__ he had bought it with his own money. He had __55__what he thought was impossible, and that was worth even more than the bicycle.正确答案:C