In ___class, Mr. Chen talks about___Chinese history and___art of China.

A、不填, the, 不填

B、不填, 不填, the

C、the, the, the

D、the, 不填, 不填


—Who came out()first in the London Marathon? —Michael. He’s always () first to reach the line.

A、the; the


C、the; 不填

D、不填; the


The blue whale is( )largest animal in the world.




D、the most


—What is ___________ distance between Beijing University and Qing Hua University?—Sorry, I don’t know it exactly, but the two universities are within __________ easy distance?






Has he explained () you the reason () being absent.

A、to, of

B、to, for

C、不填, of

D、不填, for


2022-2023学年九上英语期末模拟试卷考生须知:1全卷分选择题和非选择题两部分,全部在答题纸上作答。选择题必须用2B铅笔填涂;非选择题的答案必须用黑色字迹的钢笔或答字笔写在“答题纸”相应位置上。2请用黑色字迹的钢笔或答字笔在“答题纸”上先填写姓名和准考证号。3保持卡面清洁,不要折叠,不要弄破、弄皱,在草稿纸、试题卷上答题无效。. 单项选择1、Of all the drinks, tea is_ in the world. It has a history of about 5,000 years.Avery old Bolder Cthe oldest2、Going to _ high school for one year in Britain was quite _ exciting experience for me.A不填; an Ba; a C不填; 不填 Dthe; a3、Sharing is an important part of our life. When_is shared, it will be halved. And your mood will be better.AillnessBhappinessCkindnessDsadness4、Look at my stamps. How do you like them?They are beautiful! Youve got a wonderful _.AintroductionBexhibitionCcollection5、Lights are out The concert is to begin The fans hold their breath for Jay Chous_AinfluenceBguidanceCexperienceDappearance6、I called you this morning, but nobody answered.Sorry, I _ with my cousin at that time.Aam shoppingBshopCwas shoppingDwill shop7、Jiangsu Development Summit was open _ May 20th in Nanjing.Aon Bin Cat Dby8、Which one do you like better, English-Chinese dictionary or Words app? I like_ of them. They are useful for English learners.AnoneBneitherCallDboth9、- Its the best time to visit Lianyungang now. - This is the best place _ I have ever visited.AwhereBthatCwhichDwhen10、We often have to stay up for our study though we to have enough sleepAtoldBwere toldChave toldDare told. 完形填空11、 A long time ago, there lived a king. He built many things. Every year, he would spend a lot of money rebuilding his palace and every time it was much 1 than before.One day, the king had a new plan and he said to his men, “This year, I 2 the best palace in the world. It should 3 within my kingdom, and by the people of neighboring states.” After 4 his palace, the king invited noblemen (贵族) from his kingdom, as well as from neighboring states to come. And he asked them 5 their opinions about the palace.“Unbelievable! It is 6 most beautiful palace.” the noblemen said. They looked around the palace and thought it was amazing. But one man 7 looked young stood in the corner. He hardly said 8 . The king wanted to know 9 the man was silent when everyone else was praising his palace. He walked up to the man and asked, “Hello, young man. You keep silent. Is there anything wrong with my palace?” The man smiled and replied 10 a calm voice, “Your Majesty! Your palace is strong and will last 11 years or even longer. It is beautiful 12 not perfect. Many of your people are still suffering a hard life, 13 your palace looks wonderful. Because of that, I am silent.” The king listened to the young mans opinion 14 . Then he thanked the wise man for 15 honest words and said he would never try to rebuild his palace again. Instead, h、e used the money to help the people in need.1AbeautifulBmore beautifulCmost beautifulDthe most beautiful2Ahave builtBwill buildCbuiltDwas building3ApraiseBhave praisedCbe praisingDbe praised4ArebuiltBwould rebuiltCrebuildingDrebuild5AgiveBgaveCgivingDto give6A/BaCanDthe7AwhichBwhatCwhoDwhom8Aanythin、gBsomethingCnothingDeverything9AhowBthatCifDwhy10AinBatCforDof11AhundredBhundredsChundred ofDhundreds of12AbutBandCsoDor13AwhereBifCthoughDuntil14AquietBquietlyCquietnessDquieter15AheBhimChisDhes. 语法填空12、 At the age of fifteen, I met 1Australia teacher. He taught us English. One day, he wrote an Eng

-Do you think it's going to be fine?

-Yes,and I expect( ).





B[解析]so表示替代时,常用来代替上文中出现的内容,尤其是上文内容在下文中以宾语从句形式出现时.that用来指前文中确定的同类事物,但不是同一个事物,如:The hat you bough tis bigger than that I bought.it指代上文所提事物本身,如:I Can't find my hat.I don't know where I put it.这里填入的词替代的是上文中的“it's going to be fine”,在下文中以宾语从句形式出现,故选B.

There are over 58,000 rocky objects in space, about 900 of which could fall down onto earth.

A. the; the B.不填; the C. the;不填 D. a; the


There are over 58, 000 rocky objects in _______ space, about 900 of which could fall down onto _______ earth.

A.the; the

B. 不填; the

C.the; 不填

D.a; the


Li Na said in __________newspaper interview that her ankle was still not ready for her tocompete. __________31-year-old suffered an ankle injury just over one month ago.

A.a; The
B.the ; The
C.the; A
D.a; 不填


--Have you seen__________Audi car?I parked it here this morning.
--Is it__________white one? A young woman drove it away just now.

A.不填 ; the
B.an ; a
C.an ; 不填
D.a; the


更多 “20222023学年安徽省淮南市大通区(东部地区)英语九上期末综合测试试题含解析” 相关考题
考题 单选题The development of industry has been _____ gradual process throughout _____ human existence, from stone tools to modern technology.A 不填; theB the; aC a; 不填D a; a正确答案:B解析:句意:从石器到现代技术,工业的发展一直是人类生存的渐进过程。process是可数名词,第一次出现一般用不定冠词,且此次表示“一个”的概念;existence是不可数名词,其此处表示抽象概念,故用零冠词。

考题 单选题A one-year old, the pre-school teachers were shocked to hear him speak in full sentences.A A one-year old, the pre-school teachers were shocked to hear him speak in full sentences.B The pre-school teachers were shocked& by the speaking in full sentences by the one-year old.C The pre-school teachers were shocked to& hear a one-year old speaking in full sentences.D A one-year old speaking in full& sentences, the pre-school teachers were shocked to hear him.E The pre-school teachers, who were& shocked to hear a one-year old speaking in full sentences.正确答案:B解析:原句包含一个悬垂分词。原句结构表示的是幼儿园的老师是一岁。E不是个完整的句子。D包含另一个悬垂分词。选项B不恰当,不是固定用法。

考题 Next year, I()plan to go Italy.A、amB、–(不填)C、hadD、have正确答案:B

考题 单选题As is known to all, ______ People’s Republic of China is ______ biggest developing country in the world.A the ; 不填B 不填;theC the;theD 不填;不填正确答案:C解析:考查冠词。句意:众所周知,中华人民共和国是世界上最大的发展中国家。第一空处,由普通名词构成的专有名词前面要用定冠词;第二空处,最高级前应使用定冠词,故选C项。

考题 单选题Dr. Peter Spence, ______ headmaster of the school, told us, “______ fifth of pupils here go on to study at Oxford and Cambridge.”A 不填;AB 不填;TheC the; TheD a; A正确答案:C解析:考查冠词的用法。表示职位名称的词作同位语或补足语时,之前不用冠词,所以headmaster之前不用冠词,排除C和D。A fifth of pupils意为“五分之一的学生”,所以第二空前用不定冠词。故选A。

考题 ()majority of people agree with him.A、TheB、AC、– (不填)D、One正确答案:A

考题 单选题It’s ______ good feeling for people to admire the Shanghai World Expo that gives them ______ pleasure.A 不填, aB a, 不填C the, aD a, the正确答案:B解析:句意:对人们来说,欣赏上海世博会的感觉很好,这可以带给他们快乐。a good feeling一种美好的感觉;pleasure此处为抽象名词,意为“快乐”,不加冠词。

考题 Of all__________reasons for my decision to become a university professor,my father′s advice was__________most important one.A.the;a B.不填;a C.不填;the D.the;the答案:D解析:考情点拨:本题考查冠词的用法。应试指导:句意:促使我决定成为大学教授的一所有理由中,我父亲的建议是最重要的。of意为“其中的”,后接复数名词时,名词前要用定冠词the,特指在有限的范围内其中的某一个或某一些。most important是形容词的最高级,前面要用定冠词the。

考题 单选题—Do you know ______ boy over there?—Yes, he likes playing ______ basketball very much.A the; 不填B a; theC a; 不填D the; a正确答案:C解析:句意:—你认识那边的那个男孩吗?—认识,他很爱打篮球。根据地点状语over there可知此处特指那边的男孩,故用定冠词the。play后面加球类运动时不加冠词。

考题 单选题As he reached ______ front door, Jack saw ______ strange sight.A the; 不填B a; theC 不填aD the; a正确答案:B解析:考查冠词。第一空,the front door表示“前门”,表示特指用the;排除B、C选项。第二空,看到“一种奇异的景象”,表示泛指,故用a。